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Bernard is here to help your little ones overcome their fears of the dark at bedtime.

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Help Your Little One Overcome Their Fears At Bedtime With Bernard The Bedroom Guardian! AND We’re Giving Away A Free Copy You Can Gift To A Child.

$19.99, Now $15.99

A Fun Bedtime Story For Kids

The Bedtime Guardians™ is a children’s book series designed to help little ones at bedtime. The first book in the series is called “Bernard, The Bedroom Guardian” and follows the story of a little stuffed bear with a flashlight as he patrols the bedroom at night. Bernard tries to overcome his own fears of the dark and along the way, our readers learn that nothing is too scary and nothing is too hard when they find their courage from within.

Digital Copy Now Available!

Need a downloadable version?

Available on Amazon, Google Play and more.

Digital Copy Now Available!

Need a downloadable version?

Available on Amazon, Google Play and more.


Here’s What They’re Saying…

Read the testimonials below.

New favorite book!

This is the girls’ new favorite book! We’ve read it every night this week!!

Colby H.

Book is a 10/10 hit!

“…he even checked his own bedroom before bed and is sound asleep; he was very confident there was nothing scary in there with him. That made my kid’s night just now.

Levi E.

I LOVE them!

Thank you for these awesome books!!! I LOVE them and the kids haven’t put them down!

Beth M.

…it’s really helped!

My little boy has always struggled to fall asleep without all the lights on and regularly needs reassurances that he’s safe. The book has been a fantastic answer! He loves the pictures and the story helps him feel better at night. He used to ask if he could sleep in his older brothers’ rooms, but lately, he seems to be sleeping in his own bed just fine. I’ve loved seeing him practice his reading and overcoming his fears at bedtime.

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Coping Mechanisms

Learn the tips and tricks to boost self-confidence when children are feeling sad, lonely or scared.

Common Bedtime Fears

  • Scary Shadows
  • Mysterious Closets
  • Strange Noises
  • Lurking Monsters
  • What’s Under The Bed?

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