Having a child scared of closets at night is a true mixture of other nighttime fears like the dark and fear of the unknown. 

Many children are afraid of what could be sitting behind their closet doors, there could be a big hairy monster, a bunch of bugs coming to crawl on them, or just something watching. All of these are very unsettling, especially to a young child trying to sleep at night. 

When trying to comfort your child that is afraid of their closet there are a few things that you can keep in mind to do. 

The first thing you can do, and one that is common among many nighttime fears, is put in a nightlight. Nightlights are great for adding some light to a room to help rid of fears of things that are strictly from our imagination. Adding a nightlight near a closet can help calm the fear. 

Another option is to decide whether the child would be more comfortable with the closet open or closed while they sleep. Some children may prefer having their closet doors open so they can see inside, while others may prefer to have the doors closed so they do not have to worry about anything beyond the doors. One common theme with closet doors is to not have them cracked open as that adds some scariness to them. 

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