Many adults, along with children, struggle with nighttime and not knowing what is in the dark. As adults, we have dozens of things going on in our minds at any given time, so it is harder for us to focus on something being scary and unknown, while children have much more wild imaginations and are constantly imagining what is out there in the world. This can make the night much scarier. 

Most children are able to imagine and visualize things while they play, that’s one of the best parts of being a kid. But what happens when it is dark and you suddenly can’t see your surroundings as well and your imagination continues? 

Our imagination is what turns a small pile of clothes into a monster, or a blanket was thrown on top of a​​ TV into someone watching us while we sleep. Elevate your imagination to a young child’s level and things become even scarier in the dark, a shoe becomes a giant bug coming to crawl on you, a pair of stars outside the window becomes eyes watching you. 

Some tools to help with anxiety or fear related to darkness are nightlights, ensuring window curtains or blinds are closed, and having a comfort item like a Bedtime Guardian. 

Nightlights are popular in helping bring some clarity to the room for both adults and children. They help eliminate the need to imagine what is in the dark since you can see what is in the room. 

Closing window blinds and curtains are something most don’t think about until they’re in the moment of being frightened by the dark. Many experience the feeling of being watched, and a lot of that feeling can come from an open window. Making sure to close blinds or curtains ensures that no one can see inside. 

Finally, having a safety item such as a blanket, stuffed animal, or specifically a Bedtime Guardian can help reduce stress at night by providing comfort and support. 

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